Joe Roussos

Joe Roussos


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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm where I am a part of the Climate Ethics project. 

I did my PhD in philosophy at the London School of Economics, working with Roman Frigg and Richard Bradley

I work on two related fields: (1) decision-making under conditions of severe uncertainty, and (2) scientific modelling, especially as a source of evidence for decisions. I work across the philosophical sub-fields of decision theory, epistemology, and philosophy of science. My work is focused on science-guided policymaking. I often work on climate science and meteorology.

A copy of my CV is available here.

Before beginning my PhD, I worked as a management consultant for Bain & Co., and then in the strategy team for London-based property developers Lodha UK. I have a Master’s degree in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge, and my undergraduate degree was in Physics and Philosophy at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

I am from Johannesburg, South Africa, but spent most of the 2010s living in the UK. 

Here is a short bio: 

Joe Roussos is a postdoctoral researcher on the Climate Ethics and Future Generations project at the Institute for Futures Studies. Joe is a philosopher of science and decision theorist, working on how to make decisions in the face of severe uncertainty. His research focuses on scientific models and how they are used to inform policy decisions, mostly in the context of climate change. He received his PhD from the London School of Economics, with a thesis titled Policymaking under scientific uncertainty. His work has been published in Philosophy of Science, Synthese, and The LSE Public Policy Review.




Recent papers

Following the Science: Pandemic Policy Making and Reasonable Worst-Case Scenarios:  [paper, published in LSE Public Policy Review] 

Expert deference as a belief revision schema [preprint, published in Synthese]

Making confident decisions with model ensembles [preprint, published in Philosophy of Science]

Recent talks


Work in progress papers

(Drafts available)

  • Does ethics use models? [draft]
  • Awareness growth and belief revision [draft]
  • Formal epistemology as normative modelling [draft]