Joe Roussos

Joe Roussos

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies, in Stockholm. I am a part of the Climate Ethics project. 

I did my PhD in philosophy at the London School of Economics, working with Roman Frigg and Richard Bradley

I work on two related fields: (1) decision-making under conditions of severe uncertainty, and (2) scientific modelling, especially as a source of evidence for decisions. My recent work has focused on climate science, and in particular on the prediction of hurricanes striking North America.

More broadly, I am interested in the social epistemology of science: how it should be organised, and how it should interact with the rest of society. Much of my work can be characterised as formal epistemology (i.e., I use mathematical tools), though much of my interest is in non-ideal, messy situations in which our favoured formal tools fare poorly. 

A copy of my CV is available here.

I started the LSE’s Conjectures and Refutations seminar series, along with Charles Beasley.

Before beginning my PhD I worked as a management consultant for Bain & Co., and then in the strategy team for London-based property developers Lodha UK. I have a Master’s in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge, and my undergraduate degree was in Physics and Philosophy at the University of the Witwatersrand.

I have also worked as a freelance consultant, on strategy, management and decision-making.


Recent papers

Making confident decisions with model ensembles [preprint, forthcoming in Philosophy of Science]

Recent talks

  • “Making confident decisions with ensembles” – EPSA 2019 Geneva 
  • “Formal epistemology as modelling” – PROGIC 2019 Frankfurt 
  • “Formal epistemology as modelling” – FEW 2019 Turin [poster]


Work in progress papers

(Drafts available)

  • Awareness growth and belief revision [draft]
  • Formal epistemology as normative modelling
  • Expert deference as a belief revision schema