My PhD research focuses on policy decision-making about highly uncertain sciences. At the moment, I have two case studies:

  1. hurricane science, particularly as used by the insurance industry,
  2. earthquake science, particularly as used by national disaster management agencies.

I am interested in a cluster of questions arising from these decision contexts. These include:

  • What is the proper way of classifying uncertainty? Once we understand the varieties of uncertainty, what decision-theoretic tools are relevant/applicable to each? How does one identify a particular kind of uncertainty?
  • How should non-expert policy makers respond to disagreement within a science? In particular, how useful and applicable are various techniques in the social/formal epistemology literature, such as opinion pooling?
  • How best can institutions of policy decision-making support the normatively preferred answers to the above questions?

My blog contains a section of research-related posts. You can find more formal examples of my work below.


Work in progress


Physics research

My Master’s research was in particle physics.