Cy Twombly

Current teaching

 I am not currently teaching.


    Past teaching

    2018/19 I taught Philosophy and Public Policy, for part of the course. 

    2017/18 I taught PH104: Formal methods of philosophical argumentation. This is an archive of materials I created. 

    • Functions: A supplementary note on functions between sets, types of functions (injective, surjective, bijective) and function composition.

    2016/17 I taught PH101: Logic. 

    • Associated conditional: A note on why an inference is valid in truth-functional logic just in case its associated conditional is a tautology.
    • A proof of Cantor’s Theorem that the cardinality of a set is strictly less than the cardinality of its power set.

    Teaching experience

    • Graduate teaching assistant, Philosophy and public policy, 2018-19, London School of Economics
    • Graduate teaching assistant, Logic (introductory, undergraduate), 2016-18, London School of Economics
    • Teaching assistant, Modern Experimental Physics (experiment demonstrator, undergraduate), 2009-10, Wits University
    • Teacher, Advanced Mathematics (A-level equivalent, high school), 2008, Sacred Heart College Johannesburg